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Welcome to Risque Strippers Atlantic City

When searching for “strippers Atlantic City” or “Atlantic City strippers” you will find many results. However, the best resource for exotic dancers is Risque Strippers Atlantic City. We understand that there are many entertainment agencies to choose from. However, at Risque Strippers Atlantic City, we only provide the highest quality in female exotic entertainment. We are only for entertainment purposes only, nothing else. The dancers will only dance and strip, nothing else. So whether you are a celebrating a bachelor party or a divorce party, contact us today to learn more about how we can be of services. You can also check out our Service page to learn more about the types of shows we offer. We can provide a solo stripper or two strippers to do a girl-on-girl show. 

Our exotic dancers have plenty of experience and know how to get a party started. Many of our dancers have day jobs or are paying their way for college. As a result, many of them do not wish to have their photos online. At Risque Strippers, we respect privacy and we do not post photos of girls who do not wish to be shared online. Our goal is to make sure that our strippers are safe and that the customers are happy. The sexy strippers can dress up in any costume you’d like. If you have a bachelor who is into nurses, our strippers can dress up as one. In addition, they can also dance to any special music requests you may have. The possibilities are endless so contact us today learn more about reserving your stripper today!

What is the process to select a stripper?

Ordering an Atlantic City stripper online is as easy as ordering a pizza. Simply click Reserve Now and proceed to the checkout form. Prices start at $275 for one girl for one hour. If at any point during the checkout process you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. We have operators standing by ready to answer any questions you may have. If you are outside of the Atlantic City area, then prices will increase depending on how far you are. For parties that are greater than 10 miles, then it is an extra $25. For parties greater than 25 miles, then it is an extra $50. The Atlantic City strippers need to pay for their own gas and tolls and as a result, parties that are outside the region cost more.

On the checkout page, you will find a section where you can fill out any special requests. You can put down the type of dancer and the type of costume you want. Whether your party prefers a blonde or brunette, you would then fill it out there. Once your submit your information and your $125 deposit, we will then forward your party information to the dancer. The stripper will then contact you when she is on her way. Please be advised that we can accommodate last minute parties but the strippers still need time to get ready. We can usually accommodate parties up to one hour before your event but that is never a steadfast rule. 

How does one go about choosing a good Atlantic City stripper agency?

There are plenty of exotic dancer agencies in Atlantic City. If you called them all then you would probably get paralysis by analysis. It would be information overload. The best advice we can give someone is to always go with their gut feeling. Call around and speak to a few different booking agents and get a sense of which one seems trustworthy. Booking agents who promise everything under the sun usually cannot be trusted. Please be advised though that you cannot ask for the contact information of the strippers. We take safety and security very seriously and we do not share their information with the public. The strippers always contact the customers first and will open the line of communication.

Some stripper agencies love to over-promise. They will send you photos of the sexiest girls under the sun. Then when the actual stripper arrives, you will realize that you had been cat-fished. At Risque Strippers, we believe in honesty and integrity. As a result, we only send the girls we know will show up and who will look like their pictures. It is important to have a good booking agent to work with you to make sure your party is a success. A good agent will have your best interest at heart and will go above and beyond to make sure everything runs without a hitch.

What is the cost of a stripper?

If you are in the Atlantic City area then it is $275 for one stripper. There is a $125 deposit online and $150 cash due upon arrival. There is a sample of the girls here. Please be advised that not all of the strippers have their photos posted online due to privacy reasons. As a result, we have many more girls than are shown on the website. If there is traveling involved then there will be an extra charge. It is usually an extra $25 for parties 10 – 25 miles from Atlantic City and $50 for parties greater than 25 miles. Please contact us before booking if you are not sure of the price. We always believe in a clear and transparent communication with the customer. Therefore there are never any hidden charges. Tips are not included in the price and is up to the discretion of each customer.

What are some other bachelor party idea in Atlantic City besides strippers and strip clubs? 

Well we highly believe in strippers and strip clubs as the number one choice for bachelor parties. However, we do understand that different men have different tastes. As a result there are plenty of other options in Atlantic City besides adult entertainment clubs. You can always gamble at one of the casinos including the Borgata, Caesars or Hard Rock. In addition there are plenty of restaurants in Atlantic City including Capriccio, White House Sub Shop and Dock’s Oyster House. There’s always the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk and beaches for you to relax at. Don’t worry if your party is not into exotic dancers. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities in Atlantic City that can keep anyone busy for a good few days. Enjoy your time and enjoy your bachelor party. If you need help with anything, feel free to contact us.


Having a bachelor party in Atlantic City? Let Risque Strippers handle the logistics for you!

Planning a bachelor party in Atlantic City can be overwhelming. As a result, Risque Strippers are here to help you all the way. There are so many things to do in Atlantic City that you probably haven’t even thought of booking a stripper yet. Do not worry, our booking agents are standing by and ready to help you through every step of the process. Even if this is your first time, we will make sure everything will run as smooth as possible. When you reserve a sexy Atlantic City stripper from Risque Strippers, you are getting only the best standard in entertainment services. Our exotic strippers will make sure you and your friends have the time of their lives.

Booking two strippers will enable your party to have a girl-on-girl fantasy show. If there are special requirements, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. We have had strippers take part in “fake bachelor kidnappings” where the friends will pretend to kidnap the bachelor and then surprise him with a sexy stripper. We have had parties where the guests would eat food off the stripper’s body. In addition, we have also had parties where the strippers come out with a surprise Happy Birthday song. The possibilities are endless and the scenarios are only limited by your imagination. We know that bachelor parties are a once-in-a-lifetime event so we strive to make them as memorable as possible.

Is it your birthday party? Well it’s time to celebrate with a hot stripper sitting on your face!

So maybe having a stripper sit on your face might not be a great idea. However, she will do other fun things to keep you and your birthday entourage entertained. Our Atlantic City strippers are professionals and know how to keep a party going. Some of them will play games with the bachelor. Others have special dance moves and routines. Each stripper is different and we celebrate their individuality and creativity.

Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that everyone in the party is entertained. We do not want any of the party guests to feel left out. The strippers know that sometimes there is that one shy guy in the group. As a result, she will do whatever she can to break him out of his shell. Even if you want a girl to surprise the birthday boy by jumping out of a birthday cake, we can do that. Our exotic dancers are extremely talented and are looking forward to working with you.

Are you getting divorced? You’re better off on your own anyway. 

At Risque Strippers, we get our fair share of divorce parties. Our dancers know that divorces can be stressful and emotional times. As  a result, they do their best to help get your mind off things. Whether you are into the naughty school girl or a bad girl police officer, our dancers can give you the lap-dance of a lifetime. She will make sure that you completely forget about your ex-wife. While the divorce lawyers are raking in the big bucks, our strippers are doing God’s work to get men back on their feet.

You have probably already had a stripper for your bachelor party and probably a few for your birthday parties. Now it is time for the divorce stripper. The divorce stripper is a bad ass female stripper who is there to help you enter a new chapter in your life. You already had a marriage that didn’t work out so now it is time to move on. What better way to move on than to do so with a sexy Atlantic City stripper? She can probably even help you get back into the dating pool. Perhaps she will give you some fashion advice while she’s sitting on your face.

Miscellaneous events including graduations, promotions, holiday parties and office parties

Our strippers are ready to celebrate no matter what day of the week it is. At Risque Strippers, we strongly believe that everyday is special and needs to be appreciated. Therefore, whether you are celebrating a graduation, a holiday or just a boys’ night out, contact us today to reserve a dancer to spice up your night. There’s nothing more fun than to make it rain on a random Tuesday night. You can tell all your co-workers about it the next day.

There’s never a need for a good reason to celebrate with some sexy Atlantic City strippers. Some of the dancers are professional strippers with years of experience under their belt. Others are completely brand new and are looking for a way to make extra side income. Our strippers come from all walks of life and bring with them various cultures and experiences. As a result, the most difficult decision you have to make is to decide which one of the sexy strippers you should celebrate with.

Two girl shows

Girl-on-girl fantasy shows happen when you hire more than one stripper. Many of the strippers have partners and they are comfortable getting naughty with each other for your viewing pleasure. Usually larger parties of five guests or more will reserve multiple strippers. It is definitely a sight to remember when you get two hot strippers rubbing oil on each other. Just be careful and don’t get any oil on yourself!

Regardless of what your preference is, you can always contact us and we will walk you through every step of the process. We can help you determine the optimum number of strippers for your party. Sometimes more strippers is not always better. There have been instances where our booking agents have recommended only hiring one stripper as opposed to more. However it is always a case by case basis. Contact us to learn more today!

What are some tips on hiring a good Atlantic City stripper?

  • Check Google for 5 star reviews

  • Hire the best strippers in Atlantic City

  • Find the sexiest strippers near you

  • Make sure the strippers are friendly and affordable

  • Hire strippers nearby your location

  • Know how much to tip a stripper

  • Do a Google search for “strippers near me”

strippers atlantic city

The Sexy Atlantic City Strippers

Below is just a sample of what the girls look like and may not represent the actual dancer that we send to your party. We have many other strippers and exotic dancers who do not want their photos displayed due to privacy reasons. Many of them work day jobs and/or have families, relatives and friends who do not know what they do for a living and wish to remain anonymous. If you’d like to see pictures of other girls we have available, give us a call or text us at (347) 781-5180. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Interested in employment? Looking to a book a stripper? If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here or give us a call at (347) 781-5180. If you’re interested in joining the team then please include a photo and let us know if you have a car or transportation to get to private parties.

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