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Birthday Party

Celebrate with Risque Strippers!

Birthday parties are another great reason to hire a stripper. Our strippers can jump out of a birthday cake and surprise the birthday boy. In addition, she can sing Happy Birthday and give him the birthday lap dance of a lifetime. Strippers love celebrating birthday parties because there is always cake involved! Who doesn’t love to eat cake off of a sexy stripper? Our dancers have numerous costumes that you can choose from. Is the birthday boy interested in girls in uniform? We can certainly send a stripper cop or a stripper firefighter. Does the birthday boy have a thing for girls with glasses? We can definitely send a stripper dressed up as a sexy librarian or office lady. The possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your own imagination.

We know that not everybody likes celebrating their birthday. Nobody likes to be reminded that they are getting older. As a result, people love ordering strippers to get their minds off of their birthdays. What better way to tell the world that you made it another year than to party with an exotic dancer? Our dancers will make your birthday a special day to remember.

Planning a Birthday Surprise?

If you are planning a birthday surprise for a friend, then reserve a stripper today! Our dancers will contact you on the day of your party and you can work out all of the details with them. We have had some birthday parties where the friends will pretend to “kidnap” the birthday boy. Then they will surprise him with one of our exotic dancers. We have had people hire strippers and had them dress up as waitresses. There have been parties where the strippers will show up as sexy police officers and pretend there’s a noise complaint. There are so many possibilities that the only thing you need to figure out is which stripper to choose. Contact us today and we can definitely walk you through the process.

Some parties like to get wild and hire multiple girls for a birthday party. Multiple girls are great because it gives you and your friends the opportunity for a girl-on-girl show. Many exotic dancers work with partners and are comfortable getting naughty with each other. Some of the girls will break out the toys and play games with all of the guests too. The guests love it because it gets everyone involved! However, the girls will not forget that the main attraction is the birthday boy. They will make him the man of the hour and make sure that he gets the attention he deserves.

Plan Ahead!

We want everybody to be able to celebrate their birthday party with one of our sexy strippers. Therefore please reserve early because just like the bachelor parties, birthday parties get booked up pretty quickly as well. Everybody thinks they are the only one having a birthday party on any given night but it is not true! Especially in any major city, there are multiple birthday parties happening on any given evening. Many of our strippers are booked for birthday parties and we want everybody to be able to get a stripper. Therefore it is best to reserve early because we do not want to double-book our strippers! Check out our girls on the Girls page.

birthday party