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Only the Finest Louisville Strippers

We know that when people search for “strippers Louisville” or “Louisville strippers” they get so many results. It can make your head spin. There are so many stripper agencies in the Louisville area that one can only ask, which one should I choose? Ultimately the best resource for the sexiest strippers is Risque Strippers. At Risque Strippers, we only hire the finest female exotic entertainers. Our dancers are only there for dancing and nothing else. The dancers will perform a sensual striptease and strip show for the guests. Whether you and your guests are celebrating a bachelor party, birthday party, or divorce party, our dancers can be of service. Learn more about our services on our Services page. There you will find options for solo strippers as well as girl-on-girl shows.

The sexy Louisville strippers are well experienced and know how to turn a party up. Many of the dancers work day jobs so they may not have their photos online. Other exotic dancers are paying their way through college. At Risque Strippers, we respect the decision of the dancers and entertainers who wish to not have their photos posted online. Our number one goal is to ensure the safety of our dancers and to make sure our customers are happy. The sexy strippers from Louisville can dress up in whatever costume you would like. If the bachelor is a police officer, we can definitely send a stripper dressed as a sexy cop. If he is someone with a desk job then we can definitely send a naughty office girl to surprise him. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of service.

The Selection Process

If you have never ordered a stripper online before, do not worry. It is about as easy as ordering food from Uber Eats. Simply click Reserve Now at the top of the page where you will then proceed to place your deposit. It is a $125 deposit per stripper and then it is $150 in cash due upon arrival. The starting cost of a stripper is $275. If there is additional traveling involved then it is an extra $25 for every party 10-25 miles outside of the Louisville metropolitan area. Parties that are greater than 25 miles will incur a $50 travel expense fee instead of the $25. The exotic dancers need to pay for gas and tolls which is why there are additional travel fees if the party is far.

Once you reach the checkout page, all you have to do is fill out the form. You can request specific costumes or music. If there are special instructions such as asking the stripper to surprise the lucky man of the evening, you can put them in as well. In addition, there is a preferences section where you can put down the type of female exotic dancer you prefer. Whether you want blonde, brunette, black, white, tall, short, or any other preference, simply put it down and we will do our best to accommodate. Once you place your deposit we will then forward your information to the dancer. She will then contact you on the day of your party and coordinate all of the final details.

Choosing a Reputable Louisville Stripper Agency

With so many options for exotic dancers in Louisville, calling every stripper agency would not be recommended. You will end up receiving way too much information and way too many photos of random girls. You will not even know if you will receive the actual girl in the photo. Therefore it is highly recommended that you only call a few agencies and get a feeling of what each one is like. If they are rude and abrupt to you on the phone, then just move on and find a better agency. A good reputable agency will take the time to walk you through every step of the process. Some agencies are overly confident in themselves and treat customers sub-par. At Risque Strippers, we know that celebrating with strippers is a special event and we intend to keep it as such. Therefore we will always take the time and effort to walk through the process with all of our customers.

Other agencies love to over-promise and under-deliver. They will promise everything under the sun and promise to send you the hottest girl in the world. However, at Risque Strippers, we believe in honesty and transparency. We do not waste our clients’ time by promising them supermodels when we know we cannot deliver. As a result, we set more realistic expectations for our customers and clients. We explain to them that the girls they see on Instagram and Tik Tok get paid thousands of dollars without leaving their house. As a result, those girls would not do a private stripper party for $150. Our clients only deserve the truth and the best that Louisville has to offer.

Cost of Strippers

In the Louisville metropolitan area, it is $275 for one stripper. The $275 is broken down into a $125 deposit online paid by credit card and $150 cash due upon arrival. If you are looking to hire two strippers then the price is simply double that. For parties that are 10-25 miles outside of the Louisville area then there is an additional $25 travel fee. For parties greater than 25 miles outside of the Louisville area there is another $25 travel fee for a total of $50. If you are not sure of the total cost of your party then please contact us. We will walk you through every step of the way and explain the entire cost to you. Tipping is not included in the $275. There are no hidden charges. Tipping is not mandatory but it is highly encouraged.


Louisville Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties can be stressful. However, if you are planning a bachelor party in Louisville then let Risque Strippers take care of the entertainment. At Risque Strippers, our booking agents are standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have. If you have never reserved a private stripper before, then we can help you through every step of the process. Even if you have never been to a strip club before, our experts are here to guide you. When you reserve one of the sexy exotic dancers from Risque Strippers, you can be sure you are getting the very best. Our female strippers will be there to make sure your bachelor party is a blast!

If you book more than one stripper then you can get a fantasy show. The girls will break out the toys and play games with each other. The exotic dancers love to get naughty with each other. Our strippers can help you surprise the bachelor boy if there are any special requests. If you want the stripper to dress up as a copy and pretend to arrest him, she can do that. Some parties have had the stripper take part in pretend-kidnappings where the guys will “kidnap” the bachelor. The bachelor is then surprised when they take his blindfold off and he is greeted with a sexy lady. A good bachelor party with sexy lap dances is the secret to a long and successful marriage.

Birthday Celebrations

Nobody likes getting old so why not get old with a naked stripper? Our dancers are well-trained for birthday parties and can even jump out of a birthday cake for you. They can also sing Happy Birthday to the special birthday boy. Birthdays are a great reason to celebrate with sexy exotic dancers so reserve yours today before it is too late. When things get busy, all the strippers get booked. We want to make sure that everybody who wants a stripper can get one so please reserve as early as possible.

Ultimately we want everyone at the birthday party to have a great time. The strippers are great at interacting with all of the guests. We know that at some parties there is always that one shy guest. Our Louisville strippers can help break him out of his shell with some sexy strip teases and lap dances. The talent at Risque Strippers knows no bounds and we are always looking forward to working with you. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.

Divorce Parties in Louisville

Divorce can be rough so there is no point in making it any worse. Just cheer up with some sexy female strippers from the beautiful city of Louisville. You are now a new man and can start a new chapter in your life. The sexy strippers can even help kickstart your dating life again. Some of them might even have friends that they can introduce you to. Regardless of the emotions you may be feeling right now, we definitely recommend getting a stripper to distract yourself. Our dancers are experts at bachelor parties, birthday parties and even divorce parties.

In fact, you’ve probably already had a few strippers at your bachelor party. Why not come full circle and get a stripper for your divorce as well? Our divorce strippers will help you take control of your life. Divorce is just a small hiccup in the journey of life so there is no need to overstress things. Strippers are a great form of therapy so when you hire one you are actually doing it for your own mental well-being. Who doesn’t want to live a healthier and happier life? Rejuvenate your love life with some sexy exotic dancers today.

Miscellaneous Events

Whether you are having an office party or just happy that it’s a Tuesday evening, we can help you celebrate with some sexy strippers. At Risque Strippers, we believe that tomorrow is never guaranteed so you might as well celebrate with a stripper today. Whether you got that special promotion or are just bored, contact us today. We will provide you with the best entertainment services that Louisville has to offer. 

We have had strippers attend the most random parties. From promotions to corporate events, our exotic dancers can handle themselves in any situation. It is therefore not a surprise that people call Risque Strippers for all types of events in Louisville. We have had real estate agents use topless waitresses for their open houses. We have had aspiring rappers use strippers in their music videos. The possibilities are endless and our talent is always standing by and ready to entertain.

Girl-on-Girl Fantasy Shows

Fantasy shows are perfect when you have many guests at your party and you need more than one stripper. Many of the strippers work with partners and do parties together. As a result, they are quite comfortable working together and getting naughty together. They will have games and toys. Sometimes you will catch them rubbing baby oil on each other. They can definitely give you and your friends a strip show to remember for a lifetime!

Some guys get real wild and will hire three girls to do a multi-girl fantasy show. The girls are experts at working things out with the guys. As a result, when they contact you on the day of your party, you can always iron out any last-minute details. We want to make your party as enjoyable as possible while abiding by all federal and state rules and regulations. Give us a call if you need help with reserving strippers.

What are some tips on hiring a good Louisville stripper?

  • Check Google for 5 star reviews

  • Hire the best strippers in louisville

  • Find the sexiest strippers near you

  • Make sure the strippers are friendly and affordable

  • Hire strippers nearby your location

  • Know how much to tip a stripper

  • Do a Google search for “strippers near me”

strippers louisville

The Sexy Louisville Strippers

Below is just a sample of what the girls look like and may not represent the actual dancer that we send to your party. We have many other strippers and exotic dancers who do not want their photos displayed due to privacy reasons. Many of them work day jobs and/or have families, relatives, and friends who do not know what they do for a living and wish to remain anonymous. If you’d like to see pictures of other girls we have available, give us a call or text us at (347) 781-5180. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Interested in employment? Looking to a book a stripper? If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here or give us a call at (347) 781-5180. If you’re interested in joining the team then please include a photo and let us know if you have a car or transportation to get to private parties.

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